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We Help You Select the Right Plants and Trees in Canberra

ACT Landscape Construction is a local expert when it comes to the creation of beautiful and functional gardens in Canberra. As part of our garden design service, we help clients select suitable plants and trees to suit the diverse Canberra climate. We source our plants and trees from renowned nurseries, such as Yarralumla Nursery and Downes Wholesale Nursery.

ACT landscape Construction fully supports the ACT Government’s “Climate Wise Garden” strategy.

Why is Plant and Tree Selection So Important in Canberra?

Canberra’s weather extremes (warm summers and cold winters) make plant and tree selection tricky. Plants and trees in Canberra need to be hardy: able to withstand dry summers and frosty winters. Our professional landscapers can help you select suitable plants and trees for your Canberra garden. What’s more, we’ll supply and plant them for you.

Benefits of Choosing Suitable Plants and Trees in Canberra

Choosing suitable plants and trees in Canberra has several benefits.

  • Saves money (less chance of a plant or tree dying, requiring replacement).
  • Birds and bees (essential for pollination) are attracted to your garden.
  • Improved air quality.
  • Lowers the temperature in summer (plants and trees help cool your environment).
  • Reduces water usage (drought-resistant plant and tree species fare better in Canberra).
  • Lowers bushfire risk (plants and trees with low flammability are necessary near natural bushland).

At ACT Landscape Construction, we select and supply plants and trees that thrive in Canberra’s dry, continental climate.

Additional Considerations

A beautiful garden requires great soil. Given that Canberra’s soil is generally clay-based and lacking in organic matter, it’s essential to nourish your garden beds with topsoil, compost, and mulch. As part of our residential softscaping service, we create garden beds that are fertilised, aerated, and supplemented with topsoil. Our team can also advise you on plant / tree positioning to deal with the natural elements (sunshine, wind, and rain patterns).

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What we do

Landscape Design

  • Water features, streams and ponds
  • Brick, stone, or paver patios
  • Detailed plantings

Landscape Maintenance

  • Block or natural stone walls
  • Shoreline restoration
  • Removal of invasive species

Property Enhancements

  • Outdoor kitchen & living spaces
  • Habitat reconstruction
  • Children’s environments

What Plants and Trees are Suitable in Canberra?

The following plants and trees are considered suitable for Canberra suburban areas by City Services and the Suburban Land Agency. (Please note that this selection is a snapshot only.)

  • Camellia
  • Wax Flower
  • Flax Lily
  • Golden Honey Locust
  • Tea Tree
  • King’s Park Special Bottlebrush
  • Bechtel’s Crab Apple
  • Black Cherry Plum
  • Weeping Myall
  • White Cedar
  • Todd Chinese Elm
  • Kurrajong Tree
  • Blackwood
  • Red Box Gum

Further plant and tree suggestions can be found at the following ACT Government websites:-

Which Grass Varieties are Suitable for Canberra?

A grass variety / blend needs to be hardy to survive Canberra’s diverse climate. Many people choose a grass blend comprising Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fine Fescue. ACT Landscape Construction uses Canturf natural turf and grass seeds in Canberra. Further information on grass varieties can be found on our Turf & Irrigation page.

To find out more about out garden design services in Canberra, please call the knowledgeable team at ACT Landscape Construction on (02) 5110 3917.

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